The design department is equipped with modern software and equipment for the calculation, study, design and solid modelling of components and even complex mechanical parts.
IMARC meets the needs of the most demanding companies in terms of service standards, innovation and customization, through technical and design support, in order to enhance customers’ innovation, product performance improvement and costs reduction.
IMARC supports designers and engineers with design feasibility studies of proposals and puts forward changes or alternative solutions, which optimize customers’ ideas.
Project specifications are developed considering timing and costs, which influence the final price impact and consequently the competitive positioning of the end product.
Aiming at realizing details, which are perfectly meeting the specific requisites of each project, synergic collaboration and co-design of each detail are key elements of the process. IMARC becomes, therefore, a valuable partner of the customer, providing each project with a vital added value through expertise and passion.
Equipped with a 3D fast prototyping machine, easing the design stage and its assessment, your products quality is increased and the time to market is reduced.
Products undergo testing in our test facility, complying with standard protocols of the main international regulations, both during development and quality control processes of end products.
Products are tested in a climate-controlled metrology lab equipped with the appropriate instruments to test the compliance to the project requisites.